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We are happy to announce that our
Gneiss Gloria Products catalogue 2016 and our
Gneiss Gloria Mosaics catalogue 2016 are now here!
Inside you can find all the information you need, details about color availability, sizes, weight and packing.
Check out our products gallery for inspirations and ideas on how to create your special place. Should you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.
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Visit our new open showroom in Kardjali

We keep on experimenting and creating new products to offer you only the best. Thinking of you we are delighted to present you many new ideas for your home, garden, terrace, deck, garage entry, barbecue, sauna, swimming pool, rock garden. Even the smallest space can transform into favorite relax spot.
We invite you to visit our new open showroom in Kardjali town.
Our trained staff will be happy to offer you individual solutions. You are welcome!

Gneis Gloria®
Gneis Gloria®
Gneis Gloria®
Gneis Gloria®
Gneis Gloria®
Gneis Gloria®
Gneis Gloria®
Gneis Gloria®
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Gneis Gloria®
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Gneis Gloria®

In the world of gabions

Are you tired of your garden? Do you need a stylish accent in your yard? Do you want to have a wall that is quick and easy to install, with low cost and brings nature closer to you?
We have the perfect solution for you.
Create your unique wall, flower pot or lightning fixture with natural stone, quarried in Bulgaria. Each gabion is made with patience and craftsmanship by our skilled workers.
The gabions are very suitable for walls, because rainwater and underground waters go through the stones, while retaining the structural integrity of the wall. Furthermore the gabions are installed and filled quickly, and can save a lot of money and problems.
Create your own paradise away from the busy life using our solutions. Each gabion is unique and custom made. Choose your gabion:
1. Material - design of metal wire
2. Size - diameter and height
3. With or without bottom end
4. Choose purpose of gabion - for example lighting fixture
5. Choose filling - we offer different sizes and colors of stones

Gneis Gloria®
Gneis Gloria®
Gneis Gloria®
Gneis Gloria®

Focus on project: Veste Oberhaus in Passau, Germany

After a delay of several months due to the floods in Passau, the new visitor centre and restaurant in the fortress Veste Oberhaus in Passau was officially opened. The fortress is a cultural landmark and used to be the residence of the prince-bishops of Passau. Today it houses the town's museum. The place reveals a fascinating view of the Danube and the old city.
Our products Gneiss Gloria Wall stones and Gneiss Gloria sawn wall stones were used for the restoration and reconstruction of the retaining walls of the fortress, and for the construction of the new restaurant Das Oberhaus. For the restaurant terrace we provided specially selected plates with three sawn sides and one naturally split side. The plates used around the windows were also specially selected with even natural split sides.
The wall cladding with Gneiss Gloria sawn wall stones is a work of art. Complex engineering calculations allowed the arrangement of stones on free-standing metal sets, while maintaining the integrity of the building.
Since its opening the new restaurant has become the most popular place in Passau, and is reserved for weeks ahead.
It was a great honour that after a long procurement procedure in competition with natural stones from around the world, architects and representatives of the agency to protect the cultural and historical heritage chose Bulgarian natural stone. The tender procedure and sending samples for approval took more than 10 months.
Take a look at the photos here.

Recognition of our social responsible activity

We are very pleased to announce that Marin Baturov Ltd. received the award for corporate responsibility and socially meaningful activity together with Assarel-Medet JSCo. The jury, consisting of representatives of various media and the mining industry, gave both companies an equal number of votes.
We are proud to share the prize with Asarel-Medet JSCo. - a company-pioneer in the field of corporate social responsibility in Bulgaria and in Europe.
We are happy that the efforts of Marin Baturov Ltd to improve the quality of life in the municipality of Kardzhali through various projects are successful. The firm plans to invest and develop other socially important projects.
The other nominated companies with significant social initiatives are Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech, Mines Maritsa East and Devnia Limestone.

And the winner is...

We are very happy to announce that for the forth consecutive year Marin Baturov Ltd. has won the Award for highest annual results for the year 2012.
The award ceremony took place during the celebrations for the Miner’s Day at the Sheraton Hotel Balkan Sofia on the 18th of August. The award was presented by the Deputy Ministers of Economy and Energy Mr. Krasin Dimitrov, of Labor and Social Policy Ms. Svetlana Diankova, of Environment and Water Mr. Chavdar Georgiev and by Dr. Luchezar Tsotsorkov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology and CEO of Assarel-Medet JSCo.
This is a great honor for the company and proves that hard work, inspiring innovations and persistent investment in both human capital and machinery are noticed and appreciated.
We would like to thank all our employees and partners for making this real. We will continue to be satisfied with only the best and nothing less.

European CSR Awards 2013

The project International Festival of Arts Perperikon, which is organized by the association Perperikon-Melpomene and Marin Baturov Ltd., was honored during the distribution of the European awards for corporate social responsibility, which took place on 22.04.2013 at the Sheraton Hotel in Sofia.
This is a great honor and responsibility for us. We would like to express our thanks to the jury for this distinction.
The preparation for the thirteenth edition of the festival, which is traditionally held in June in the town of Kardzhali is already made. Some of the events are held at the world famous rock city of Perperikon.
It was a great pleasure that Prof. Dr. Nikolay Ovcharov – the archaeologist studying Perperikon and Tatul, attended the ceremony and supported us.
Marin Baturov Ltd. will continue to invest in socially significant projects.
You can see the award here.

Gneiss Gloria® Mosaics Cubes Antic

We present you our newest product Gneiss Gloria® mosaics Cubes antic. It is the newest addition to our mosaics for interior and exterior use.
Each piece of stone has been processed and selected by hand in order to bring coziness and comfort in your home, office or establishment.
The possibilities to combine colors and designs are unlimited.
Contact us today and let us turn your idea into reality.

Interior solutions with Gneiss Gloria® mosaics

Check out our brand new products line, specially designed for interiors.
We offer a great variety of possibilities for creating an unique atmosphere for your home, bar, restaurant, hotel, office.
Choose among different colors, patterns, sizes and combinations. All mosaics are glued on plastic net and are ready for wall installation.
Click here to take a look at our new Gneiss Gloria® Mosaics Catalogue!